About Us

Hello, I’m Cyndi Hoppman, the photographer for Hoppman Photography.  I currently specialize in Boudoir photography, Women’s Intimate Portraits, and Creative Portraiture servicing San Antonio, Texas. As an artist and a woman, it is through these sessions and this art that I have learned to love myself  more authentically. I love to help clients see their true beauty.  I want to help you spark a fire inside your soul. I want you to see a part of yourself that you may have forgotten about…or not even discovered yet. I embrace all body types into my studio to show you that you can be feminine, sexy and confident! Don’t let your fears stop you from a one of a kind experience that could really make you feel amazing about yourself.  Let me show you how to feel good about yourself in the body you have now.  Every session is unique and custom for each client. I create memories and art for my clients. Not only do these images make a great gift for your spouse or loved one, but it’s the most important gift for yourself! Believe in yourself a little bit more.  I hope to work with you soon. Thank you again for visiting Hoppman Photography.


Hoppman Photography has been published in the following magazines:
Lil Cutie Pies Magazine Spring issues 2015 and 2016
The Muse Magazine April 2016 Issue
Arrow Magazine (now “Indie Soleil Magazine”)  Magazine
Sheeba Magazine – February 2017 issue
 Gothesque Magazine- April 2017 issue
Gothesque JR Magazine- May/June 2017 issue
 Indie Soleil Magazine June 2017
Gilded Magazine – Issue 26 Vol. 2 (August 2017)